We offer montages for your wedding reception that create their very own memory pocket for your guests and yourselves!

Our cutting edge out of the box presentation is not slide after slide of baby photos to teen to young adult and then a boring section of family photos looking like a school powerpoint presentation - you may as well watch paint dry!

We take your photographs on disc or photo format and make a DVD movie montage with live footage and still photos set to music that works and works more than just good!


Our montages have been viewed by many guests at receptions and played at the right time either as a set piece or as a loop on a flat screen in the reception space.

Your not going to believe the magic, fun and laughter this creates at your reception!

We create classy fun montages out of the box and beyond without the normal montage format - I think you will be very pleased!

we ONLY offer previews of the montages we produce at meetings with our clients as we do not want to display them here where our idea's and format can possibly be copied by others - rather like a old Italian recipe that was handed down from generation to generation for those tasty meatballs that people drive miles and stand for hours waiting for a table in the restaurant for!




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